Sunday 12 August 2012

Don Broco // "Priorities" Album Review

“Priorites”, the lead single from Don Broco’s first full length offering, certainly moulded the band’s reputation for writing songs with unforgettable choruses and infectious hooks, perfectly creating the anticipation for the eponymously titled album. 

“Priorities”, the album which is released tomorrow, will enter the public arena with high expectations after the band’s previous E.P success. So what do the four Bedford boys have to offer?

The single “Priorities” opens the album; its huge chorus, intricate guitar work and refreshingly honest lyrics immediately pull you in. And, luckily for established and future Don Broco fans, the rest of the album follows suit. Instrumentally the album is tight; guitar and drums are slick, showing a high level of technicality. “Hold On” is charming from the off, leading the listener in one direction before gazumping them with a grittier, punchy chorus. Don Broco’s writing style is dynamic with fluctuating tempos and perfect rise and fall. The experimental “Yeah Man”, for instance, is lighter, more upbeat and captures the fun and catchy side of Don Broco, but still with a hint of the raw darkness that has pushed them to the forefront of British rock. Rob Damiani’s deep vocals confidently and effortlessly guide the album and, although fast paced, experimental and loose at times and more reined in at others, it would be hard to lock the boys down to one specific sound. And for now at least there is absolutely no need to; whatever they seem to be doing works!

The more you listen to “Priorities”, the more the intricacies reveal themselves. “Whole Truth” becomes infectious, playing on the “boys’ club” vibe that Don Broco assertively hold down. “Fancy Dress” is building and soaring, whilst “Back In The Day” is more mature, multi-layered and anthemic. The slower “You Got It Girl” is more melancholic and progressive in tone, but grabs you by the throat no less than any other track on the album. The gutsy quartet aren’t afraid to strike out; remaining true to their own style, blending melodic harmonies with raw and gritty lyrics, typifying the British rock sounds that some may see as having been lost over recent years. From beginning to end “Priorities” is unrelenting and the pace does not decrease, even by the final song. Rounding off with “Actors” it is just as charging, percussive and fluctuating in pace as each of its predecessors. Don Broco has a hefty reputation for putting on an incredible live show and has delivered with album number one. We are already expecting lots more from this band; so watch this space.