Friday 7 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW // Sum 41, '13 Voices'

Back with their 6th album, Sum 41 has something to prove. After a near death experience from alcoholism front man Deryck Whibley is back with a fiery, aggressive and powerful new record- ’13 Voices’. Click below to read the full review…

Whibley produced the entire record himself, whether or not this was a cathartic experience the record is incredibly powerful. From its emotional violin opening to the powerful choruses throughout it is an album of light and shade, loud and soft. The stirring ‘A Murder of Crows (You’re All Dead to Me)’ is dark and rousing and the perfect album opener then moving into the entirely contrasted ‘Goddamn I’m Dead Again’ which is fast paced and thrashy with a killer instrumental.

It is quite clear this is a very album for the frontman. And whilst some songs hit the mark and are catchy and resound the inner turmoil he suffered, other aren’t quite at that same level. On the whole the album is a successful comeback, only faltering at the fringes. This isn’t the same Sum 41 that you will remember, and the journey the band has gone on has been a great one that clearly influences this offering.

‘Breaking the Chain’ and single ‘War’ are stand outs and pull you in emotionally, building heavier and thrashier. ’13 Voices’ closes with ‘Twisted By Design’ which starts modestly and slow before building to an epic and crashing finale that ends the record on an undeniable high triumph.

It may not be the upbeat offering you were expecting or wanting, however this is a must hear album, so discard what you think and give it a listen. 8/10