Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Maine // American Candy album review

The Maine has been on a musical journey from their humble, and neon, beginnings. However, amidst their varying musical directions they have always felt genuine and never forced; they have remained true to their fans and more importantly to themselves every step along the way. It is with those thoughts in the forefront of our minds that we listen to their latest offering,  ‘American Candy’. 

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It is safe to the say that from the off the Arizona five piece don’t disappoint with the new record. Each record that came before was fit to burst with the most infectious and organic guitar rock-pop hits. And kicking things off in style is ‘Miles Away’. Stylistically the opening song is The Maine that we all know and love; a catchy chorus, delicious riffs and perfect melodies, it is the band we know and love. In contrast track two, ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’ reflects a different side, one which sees them experimenting and unafraid to evolve their sound. It’s classic, yet modern and rhythmic; it could almost could be in a John Hughes film. Tune after tune the album just does not give up.

Latest single, ‘English Girls’ is undeniably infectious and particularly for British ears, name checks London and pubs and has a feel of Great Britain; we love it. The upbeat first section of the album is counter acted with ’24 Floors’. Bringing the tempo down a little it is more melancholy and contemplative, yet beautiful in its creation. And with that, it’s back to the upbeat sweet guitar pop with ‘Diet Soda Society’. The Maine has always had a natural ability to harness classic old school rock rhythms and sounds, yet make them feel relevant and bang up to date.

Back working with Colby Wedgewood who produced their 2011 offering, ‘Pioneer’, The Maine instil that same soul and passion in to everything they sing and play. ‘Am I Pretty’ with its delicious intro riff sees John O’Callaghan laughs mid-song; “Am I pretty…. No one adores me yet”. Carefree musical melodies are at the forefront, yet lyrically The Maine is a band that always has spoken to the fans. This has allowed them to have such long careers and affording them to go it alone without the backing of a major label.

‘(Un)lost’ is quite ironic because the band has never really lost the sound that has made them unique, if anything they have found and cemented it more so now than ever. “I’m not looking to be found, just want to feel unlost” sings John. And the album ends on an undoubtable high. ‘American Candy’, the album’s title track is atmospheric, gritty and soaring whilst ‘Another Night On Mars’, possibly my favourite on the record, is oozing with guitar riffs that are so perfectly formed transport us into a familiar, crowded pub surrounded by friends. ‘American Candy’ the album; enough to satisfy the sweetest tooth. 9/10

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