Monday 16 February 2015

Beartooth // Interview

Ohio metalers, Beartooth, is currently out on the road on the Kerrang Tour. Joining Don Broco, Bury Tomorrow, We Are The In Crowd and Young Guns they have been taking the UK by storm. We caught up with guitarist, Taylor Lumley, to chat about the new album, giving out advice and Nandos!
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Hi Taylor, so you're on the Kerrang Tour 2015. Kerrang have been big supporters of the band; are you looking forward to it?
Absolutely. The boys in Bury Tomorrow are good friends of ours and we're looking forward to snugglin' on their faces for about two weeks. Maybe playing a few shows too.

You're joining Don Broco, We Are The In Crowd and Bury Tomorrow; do you know any of the bands already?
Only Bury Tomorrow. We're a bit familiar with WATIC because of Warped tour but this is the first time we've heard of Don Broco.

You're veteran travellers to the UK; is it always nice coming over from the States? What's the best thing about the UK?
We love the UK. Nando's is a big plus for us. Can't get that anywhere in the US, sadly.

The album, 'Disgusting' has been out since last Summer; is it great being on the road seeing fan's responses and have them singing along?
It's honestly the best feeling there is, in my opinion. There's nothing better than feeling a full connection through music with a room full of people.

You have toured relentlessly; for you is that what it is all about? The album has a lot of self-examination, so is it rewarding playing the songs live and seeing how people relate to them?
I never understood bands that don't like touring or playing shows. Anyone can go in a record an album (especially these days) but if you can't get on stage and bring that to a crowd, then what's the point? We make music that we can relate to, shit that gets us through the day. It's not our intention to make people feel something from our release, but if they do, it's definitely a huge positive. It's good to know people are still willing to connect with things in an emotional way.

What advice would you give anyone starting out? Something that you wish someone had told you.
I never personally had a problem with this, but I see it a lot with bands today: Don't be an asshole. There's really no reason for it, and all you're doing is ruining it for yourself in the end.

What else have you got coming up this year?
A lot of shows and a lot of tours. Maybe a fun summer, yeah? Who knows for sure haha.

Thanks Taylor

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