Thursday 20 November 2014

Glamour of The Kill // ‘After Hours’, EP Review

Self-funding for Yorkshire’s Glamour of The Kill went from zero to 100% in the blink of an eye. With funding secured, the four-piece worked hard to put the wheels in motion and get the EP recorded. 

Was the wait worth it? Click below to hear what we thought…

‘Lights Down’ kicks things off at 110mph. A heavy intro with building percussion leads to a chorus of anthemic proportion. For a band so aggressive and heavy they sure know how to write a killer chorus. The intro track is screaming to be heard, undeniably infectious. Renowned for putting on one hell-of-a live show, the EP is no different. ‘We Are All Cursed’ is filled with high octane vocals and that hair metal vibe that Glamour of The Kill do in their own inimitable style.

Having toured with both Papa Roach and Escape The Fate they decided to get their frontmen involved. ‘Out of Control’, with its electro tinges, features Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix who donates his vocals to a soaring chorus. Whilst ‘Earthquake’ brings on board the talents of Escape The Fate’s Craig Mabbit. His overtones perfectly compliment the grizzly vocals of lead singer Davey Richmond. The addition of the other vocalists has made Glamour of The Kill raise their game even higher.

‘Blood Drunk’ is the finale, and the darkest track on the record. Heavy, without being too heavy so that is isolates listeners, Glamour of The Kill manage to find that perfect balance. And with a huge instrumental break-down in the middle, leading to a vocally defying ending, what more could the Yorkshire boys give.

Rock party anthems with a hair metal edge, the four-piece go hard. Ambitious, aggressive and downright breaking all the rules; and we love it. This could be the game changer. 7.5/10