Monday 28 July 2014

SOLEMN SUN // Introduction To The Band and Premiering ‘Josef’

SOLEMN SUN is an ambitious rock outfit, with only a dissected name from their previous output remaining. Debut single, ‘Josef’, is not only a clear statement of intent from the re-energised and re-focused quartet, but a perfect appetiser of what’s the come.
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Feeling a little lost and unsure of the path you’re walking is one thing, having the vision and strength to do something about it, is another entirely.

Earlier this year, folk-punks Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun found themselves at that very junction, having released two full length albums under the moniker, the band opted to lay their previous works to rest and regroup to make plans for the next step.

“We’d reached the juncture where most would wander the beaten path and churn out a carbon copy of the last effort,” says Jim. “Having little time for bands that stagnate and even less for being consumed by the scene we found ourselves in, we decided we would take our band back from what it became. We would re-establish ourselves as people, reinvent the band we are and restart our journey again on our own terms.“
Solemn Sun play the following shows in support of ‘Josef’, with details of a debut EP to be announced in the coming months.

06: BRISTOL Exchange
07: LONDON Old Blue Last