Sunday 16 March 2014

The Maine // UK Tour with Deaf Havana & Headline Shows

After only a few short months, Arizona’s The Maine are already planning their return to the UK and we can't wait! We caught up with the band just before Christmas on their headline run inbetween releasing their new album, 'Forever Halloween', and touring on the Europe Vans Warped Tour. Now the Arizona five-piece is back and supporting Deaf Havana as well as fitting in some headline shows and playing at Hit The Deck Festival. 

To find out where you can catch the tour and what happened when we last saw them, click below...

3/29/2014 Dublin, United Kingdom Academy 2 ^
3/30/2014  Belfast, United Kingdom Oh Yeah Music Centre *
4/1/2014  Norwich, United Kingdom UEA *
4/3/2014  Newcastle, United Kingdom 02 Academy *
4/4/2014  Leeds, United Kingdom  02 Academy *
4/5/2014  Manchester, United Kingdom Academy *
4/6/2014  Preston, United Kingdom 53 Degrees ^
4/7/2014 Glasgow, United Kingdom 02 ABC *
4/8/2014  Aberdeen, United Kingdom Tunnels ^
4/10/2014  London, United Kingdom Clapham Grand *
4/11/2014  London, United Kingdom Clapham Grand *
4/13/2014  Oxford, United Kingdom 02 Academy *
4/14/2014  Wolverhampton, United Kingdom Wulfrun Hall *
4/15/2014  Cardiff, United Kingdom Great Hall *
4/17/2014  Brighton, United Kingdom Concorde 2 *
4/18/2014  Southampton, United KingdomThe Unit ^
4/19/2014  Bristol, United Kingdom Hit The Deck Festival
4/20/2014  Nottingham, United Kingdom Hit The Deck Festival

*with Deaf Havana ^ headlining date
 Here's what happened when we caught up with The Maine last November...

The new album, ‘Forever Halloween’ is the second album you’ve independently released; did you learn from the release of ‘Pioneer’?                                                                                 JARED [Monaco, guitar]- Definitely. ‘Pioneer’ was a learning experience for us, especially for our management; there’s a whole lot more that goes into it when you do it yourself. So I think that gave us more confidence to do ‘Forever Halloween’ completely by ourselves. We went into it with an idea of what we were up against and it’s been great; I think it’s nice to have all that extra control when you do it yourself. At the end of the day I think it’s totally worth it. 
What made you switch the way you recorded and record everything live? Were you looking to try something new, or was it working with producer Brendan Benson?

JOHN [O'Callaghan, vocals] - Brendan was definitely the catalyst, he inspired it all becuase that’s how he records. He’s of that age, even though he’s not that old, but it’s just that timeless rock and roll.
JARED- He’s one of the very few people who still believes in the power of a band being a band and capturing a vibe instead of trying to perfect everything. And that’s important for us, where we’re at as a band. For us to go into the studio and discover that was amazing.
JOHN- I think it taught us a lot about where we’re at musically and it’s crucial for what we’ll do in the future.

You have an acoustic EP “Imaginary Numbers” out in December and you’re playing a US acoustic tour next year which will be quite different from your big live shows…
JOHN- I think what’s great about it is that fans want to hear and see an acoustic EP and tour. For us we didn’t want to just record acoustic versions of songs that we’ve already done, so we recorded it ourselves, set up in a room and took a stab at it. What’s cool about it is that it’s extra material, some that didn’t make it onto the record and a few new tunes.
JARED- We’re excited to tour it too because you have to put yourself into a different mindset; you’re exposed on stage and for us we like to do things that keep the music fresh.
JOHN- It’ll be such a different vibe, and we’re trying to play in venues that have seats, auditoriums, so it’ll be different for people who come to our shows and that’s imperative for them to grow as music enthusiasts. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and not have to jump up and down and crowd surf.

You’ve been a band for nearly seven years now. Is there anything you would go back and change?
BOTH- You can’t [laughing].
JOHN- Most everything that we’ve done has been because we’ve truly believed in it at the time. You live as if to have no regrets; that’s not my quote, it’s somebody else’s, but it’s what we try to live by. You can’t dwell on it, because everything we’ve done has led us to this point.
JARED- I feel like if you look back without cringing then you haven’t made much progress [laughing].
JOHN- I’ve used this example many times, but look back in your yearbooks y’know; what the f**k were we wearing, who the f**k cut my hair [laughing]; that’s part of growing up. 

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