Monday 18 February 2013

Funeral For A Friend Tour Special // Interview with Support Band Such Gold

Meet Such Gold, the US melodic hardcore/punk band, have been shaking things up on the scene and were even before their debut album was even recorded. Said album, “Misadventures”, is released in the UK on 25th February and the guys are currently touring the UK with genre heavyweights Funeral For A Friend. Est.1987 headed down to Leeds Cockpit to check out the live show and caught up with front-man Ben Kotin to chat about touring, working on their debut and van break downs…

Such Gold front-man Ben Kotin

I just saw on Instagram you went and got tattoos here in Leeds?
Yeah, our drummer did. He got, I don’t even know, some kind of skull or something. He’s not even here yet [laughing].

You’re coming to the back end of the tour- how’s it gone so far?
Yeah, we’ve got a week left but it’s been great.

You’re touring with Funeral For A Friend- were you fans/friends of the guys before hand or?
We all knew of them, but we hadn’t really listened to much of them. So we didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been an experience for us.

You worked on “Misadventures” with Steve Evetts. Was it nice working with someone who has that broad experience of working with hardcore bands and punk bands? And did you approach recording any differently?
Yeah, definitely. We trusted him based on his work and we got to hear cool stories and stuff so it was a fun experience. This time we had a practice space for like two or three days and just ran the songs over and over and over throughout those days. We'd never done that before, just worked out the kinks and what not. 

Such Gold on stage at Leeds Cockpit

Because this was your first full length was it daunting or did you embrace the experience?
I wasn't as nervous to release it as I was to record it. Steve Evetts is kind of intimidating; he's a big name but turned out to be a great guy. I was more nervous about that, but once we got that over with I was excited to get the record out. 

Such Gold, currently on tour with Funeral For A Friend

And the title “Misadventures”? I was reading that in 2009 when your van broke down in New York you had to get people to take you to the show and that kind of made you realise people really wanted to see you play. So I guess misadventures kind of formed the band in a way and kind of fuelled your passion? The perfect title?
That's happened so many times. Yeah, I suppose. That was pretty much the only name we had so we just stuck with it. [laughing].

Ben on stage at The Cockpit
The hardcore scene is really strong at the moment; do you try and keep up with the bands?
I try to yeah, I definitely like a lot of hardcore music. At the moment I've been listening to Ed Gein, I guess they're not like a hardcore band per say, but they're heavy as f**k. 

What’s next for you guys?
We’re going to Australia and doing Soundwave festival and then we go to Japan afterwards. A lot of touring, we’ve got a month left so we're suitably tired, that's the general vibe. 

And here's what happened when Such Gold took to the stage...

Such Gold storm Leeds Cockpit
Their debut album, “Misadventures” is released in the UK next week. However the crowd watching and getting involved in their support set here tonight clearly shows that Such Gold, the Rochester four-piece, clearly already have a growing UK presence. “Two Year Plan” sets the tone; gritty, punchy, rhythmically solid and most of all, energetic. Mixing older songs (such as “Gut Rot” with its intricate riffs and drum breakdown), in with album offerings (such as the to the point “Survival Of The Fondest”) makes the set eclectic. The performance builds to fan favourite, the catchy “Sycamore”, and as the crowd bundle around the front of the stage, front-man Ben hands the mic down to them to join in; whilst various members of the audience and other support bands crowd surf in and amongst. And as the crowd are just getting warmed up the set comes to an end. The raw and heavy “Locked Out Of The Magic Theater” taken from their debut album allows fans one last chance to go wild; the faultless blend of hardcore and melodic ensures Such Gold are ones to watch out for, and no doubt leaves the crowd tonight wanting more. 
Be sure to check out “Misadventures” on 25th February. 

Coming tomorrow- Interview & review with Funeral For A Friend