Thursday 20 September 2012

Pierce The Veil w/ The Getaway Plan & Crown The Empire // The Cockpit, Leeds

Yesterday we brought you interviews with the two support bands making up this stellar line up- Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan and Dallas’ Crown The Empire. Missed that? Click HERE to catch up.

With the tour headed up by Pierce The Veil the show was bound to sell out and sell out it did. With a packed to the rafters Cockpit, excitement could not have been higher; and this was even before the bands came on stage. Want to know what happened when all three bands played to the sold out crowd? Well click below…

It isn’t often that the venue is packed even before the support bands embark on their sets. However, with a hefty line-up, the queue was winding around the venue long before the doors opened and the room brimming with people by the time the first support band, The Getaway Plan took to the stage. Don’t think we’ve met two bands more excited about being over in the UK and The Getaway Plan’s Matthew even admitting they will be calling it their second home. For most bands releasing a new album and heading out on tour is pretty much an average state of affairs. 
The Getaway Plan's Matthew in Leeds
However, The Getaway Plan’s most recent offering “Requiem” came after the band taking a hiatus. Years of touring took its toll on the four-piece. However, the eighteen month break was just what they needed and their first ever show in the UK, here tonight, was kicking things off with a bang. Playing mostly from the new album, which marks a reinvigoration for the Australian rockers, their performance is fresh and sharp. “Flying Colours” kicks things off; Matthew’s impressive vocals glide over strong melodies. Catchy from the off, the band’s sound is laden with captivating hooks but the driving force isn’t sickly sweet. Instead their songs are filled with gritty riffs and soaring harmonies. A darker mood strikes within songs such as “Phantoms” and “The Reckoning”; whilst “Shadows”, taken from the band’s 2008 album [Other Voices, Other Rooms], is smoother, yet nevertheless captivating. As they have a slightly different sound than the other two bands on the tour the crowd are unsure how to take The Getaway Plan at first. However, the band has definitely won some new fans this evening. With an epic quality to their songs, The Getaway Plan hits, such as “Where The City Meets The Sea” are still dazzling; whilst newer songs, such as the more progressive and heaviest song tonight “Heartstone”, close the set and stand up against their contemporaries

Crown The Empire's Bennett Vogelman
Suitably warmed up, by the time that Crown The Empire take to the stage the crowd are fervent and so is the band. A whirlwind of energy, the band bursts on stage and from beginning to end their set is relentless. The dual vocals of Andy Leo and David Escamilla are a tidal wave of force and the songs and indeed stage presence pulls you in. With their much anticipated debut album not out until November they played hits from their EP, “Limitless”. “The Glass Elevator [Walls]” is a thunderous opener; Crown The Empire aren’t holding anything back tonight. Taking a no holds barred approach to writing music their mix of both clean and unclean vocals may not be something original, but Crown The Empire bring a fresh and diverse approach to it. The tight musicianship makes for a live performance that is fast paced and a must see. “Wake Me Up” is hard hitting and heavy on the percussion, inducing the band to conduct a wall of death mid song. Cheers erupt as “Johnny Ringo” begins; its theatricality making it instantly infectious. Just when the song pulls back, it then storms the roof down heavier and faster. 

Crown The Empire's Andy Leo
“We want to see you dance”, the band challenge the crowd to get moving to the more electronic, synth based “Braking Point”. An impressive break down, mid-song sees the band and crowd comply to “go f******g insane” as instructed by Crown The Empire.  The anthemic and catchy “Voices” closes the set tonight; the soaring room temperature only emphasising what a storm Crown The Empire has caused. They are shaking things up in the genre, proving that they aren’t just another heavy band with added synths. Excitement grows in wait for the album!

Pierce The Veil on stage at Leeds Cockpit
With Pierce The Veil about to take to the stage the anticipation in the room is at an all time high. It is Pierce The Veil’s first UK headline tour and what better way to start it than with a sold out show at The Cockpit. They are the band that everyone has come to see and the room fit to bursting with both excitement and anticipation by the time they take to the stage. Amidst chants and screams, the San Diego quartet burst on to stage with the thrashing and unremitting “Hell Above”, taken from the band’s new album “Collide With The Sky”. Throwing themselves in at the deep end from the off, Pierce The Veil bound up and down the stage, dipping in and out of the front row teasing the crowd. And this is only the beginning as the set continues in the same vicious fashion; “A Match Into Water” dynamic and mature, proving what accomplished musicians they are. 
Bassist Jamie Preciado
The catchy, heartfelt, more bubblegum sweet “Bulletproof Love” (taken from the bands 2010 “Selfish Machines”) offers light relief from the heaviness in the pit. “Bulls in the Bronx” stirs the crowd once more with Pierce The Veil’s signature style alongside Mexican inspired rhythms. With its intricate and precise breakdown it once again riles the crowd which only spurs the band on more so. The band can’t wait to get involved with the fans that have followed them along the way. Sounds of rainfall introduce the subtle beginnings of the beautiful and echoic “Hold On Till May” as Jamie Preciado lays his bass on the crowd. Pierce The Veil are more than just another American heavy band and tonight proves that. Pierce The Veil is a powerhouse. Vic Fuentes’ vocals are unique and dynamic while the band technically excels. The pace is kicked up a notch with the fiery and gutsy “Besitos”, vocals layered and with forceful melodies. As Pierce The Veil announce “Caraphernelia” it is undoubtedly a clear crowd favourite as a surge in the pit ensues as they sing every word back at the stage. Pierce The Veil isn’t a band to mess around; they have come and conquered, and with no encore tonight it is safe to say they have left Leeds wanting more. At the top of their game, and by the crowd’s response, they are only on the up.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you; get your tickets and catch them before the end of their tour! You won’t regret it.

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