Saturday 19 May 2012

Takida // Interview

We first told you about Swedish rockers Takida HERE as we marked them as a band to watch out for. Their debut UK single "You Learn" came out on 7th May and we caught up with the band for a quick chat about their music, touring and anime!

You’ve just played over in the UK with 3 Doors Down and Seether . How was the UK tour and how did you feel about the single release - excited/nervous…?
Touring with 3DD & Seether in the UK was way over our expectations, especially the audience who gave us great confidence and good energy. It was impressive. We're very thankful for this experience. And we were just exited about the single release, not nervous.

You focus your attention on song writing as opposed to the image of the band. The video for “You Learn” with the fire is simple but really effective and beautiful and lets the music really speak. Was that the idea behind it and how did it come about?
Yes, Chris Rehn (director) came up with the idea that it should stay simple but also powerful and he found a great location, the video was filmed in just a few hours.

You have gained great success in Sweden and have worked hard to get it. Is it nice seeing the rewards of this hard work? And now being able to release music and tour over here in the UK?
Of course, our main goal since the beginning was to release music outside of Sweden and to be able to work full time as musicians.

You are named after “Gohei Takeda” from the Japanese anime series “Nagareboshi Gin” who is a bear hunter that lives up in the mountains? Why did you decide to name the band after that character?
I have followed Silver Fang (swedish translation) since I was 8 years old and I still love it! Gohei Takeda is the main character [besides the dogs] and Takida felt like a natural band name.

And finally, what do you have planned this year as a band?
This year we will be creating new music and touring, touring, touring…