Wednesday 21 March 2012

Yashin // Live Review - York Fibbers

Yashin have served their dues in support slots and tonight is all about them owning the modest stage here at the well established York Fibbers. 2009 saw the band replace one vocalist with two; American born Harry Radford and Glaswegian Kevin Miles. 

Pulling all the right punches here this evening, they kick off with “Remember Me” from their debut album “Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them”. The charismatic and confident front-man duo lead a performance that never drops in momentum from beginning to end, transforming the venue into a thriving hub of kinetic energy.

Kevin Miles on stage at Fibbers
Welcome to the “Last One Standing Tour”; the night has well and truly begun. Harry’s authentic American twang is balanced alongside complex riffs in “Friends In High Places”. The soaring rhythms, followed by a breakdown section of drums and harsh vocals, give Yashin that double edge that they have begun to master so well.

The American half of the Yashin front-man duo - Harry Radford

“Slam so hard you make a crater”, challenges Harry to the crowd as they burst into latest single “New Year or New York”. It’s a perfect blend of melodic, more mainstream choruses courtesy of Harry, broken with Kevin’s harsher growls. The crowd need little excuse to incite the ruptures of a movement and a pit soon emerges. Things get pretty impulsive from here on in; crowd surfing by both band members and fans, with the two front-men tight roping along the barrier.

Yashin's Kevin on stage 
Unarguably crowd favourite “Get Loose!” drives the set into enormous proportions; it’s hard to still think that we’re in Fibbers. Both Harry and Kevin project an air of confidence; they are so very different in vocal approach but work insync to perfectly complement one another. Yashin debut new song, the catchy “Runaway Train”, before bursting back into familiar territory with album track “Let It Go”.The debut album has recently been re-released and given a mini facelift along the way. "Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them: Revolution", including dubstep remixed tracks, proves that Yashin are a band that is constantly developing and can turn their musical hand in many directions. 

Guitarist Paul Travers

Tonight, however Yashin keep the set  whole-heartedly concerned with hardcore roots that the fans already know and love. Signing off tonight with the apt “Down But Homeward Bound”, Yashin are a band that appear to be constantly growing, and after an exciting and extraordinary set here tonight at Fibbers the only way is up. And, it is sure to say all eyes will be on them to see how far up the ladder they can climb.

Photo credit: Danny Peart Graphics

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